Import Export Consultanting Service (Vietnam - EU)

Import Export Your Product Directly Without Mediator

Different from traditional trade companies. VIEC is an import export consulting service, that provides an efficient solution for importing and exporting goods between Vietnam and the Europe, without any middlemen involved – meaning you’ll SAVE MONEY and HALF OF YOUR TIME while GETTING MORE PROFIT!

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Get your import-export problems solved fast and easy with our services

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With more than a decade of experience in the import-export industry between Vietnam, the Netherlands, and Europe.

We have built a profitable business network that includes: hundred of Importers, Distributors, Retail stores, and Supermarket chains in both Vietnam and Europe.

Therefore, we can help your business export products directly to importers and big buyers without going through any mediator so that your business will generate better profit and save more than 50% of the processing time.

And this is the proven method. Our company has done more than 20 projects successfully in different industries. 

To help your business reach its goals, our VIEC – Vietnam import-export consultants can connect you to reliable Vietnamese manufacturers. 

We have a list of Vietnamese suppliers who will make sure that your products will meet your quality standards while you also benefit from the competitive costs from Vietnam. 

Feel free to contact us if your company needs sufficient cost production through partnerships with local Vietnamese factories.

Import Sourcing
Import Export Advisory

Plan to export your products to Vietnam or Europe? Or maybe you still get stuck in some parts during the import-export process but do not know how to solve it.

Our VIEC team, with adequate networking with importers, logistic partners, and customs officers in Vietnam and Europe, can help you to get through all.

Seeking a way to ensure your product quality is maintained or improved? Our VIEC team with quality control experts in both Vietnam and the Netherlands can help you with it.  

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What our clients say about our import export consulting services

We value our clients and take great pride in providing exceptional service. You don’t just have to take our word for it, read what our clients say about working with us!

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Explore our Import Export Case Studies

VIEC will take care of your import export process between Vietnam and Europe, allowing your business to reach its full potential. Discover how our customers are creating value and benefitting from our import export consulting services.

What makes VIEC the right business partner?

Our benefit might be significant, but our cost is affordable for many types of businesses, even small businesses too! Because we believe that every business should have a chance to grow further.

With 11 years in the import-export industry, especially in Vietnam and Europe, we have built an extended network from big buyers to suppliers and customs officers, so that we can help you to solve many import-export problems.

Doing business in the B2B world is more than selling and buying products. It is also about building trust and business relationships. Our VIEC team with a deep understanding of business culture between two countries can help you do business much more comfortable.

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