Europe is a substantial producer of milk with varying levels of protein, calcium, water, and energy. Especially the milk powder products, which are rich in essential nutrients and hence creates a healthy and well-being lifestyle.  

Correspondingly, VIEC chooses Europe to be a gateway to milk products sector. After the rigorous selection process, VIEC has sought out the distinguished sustenance European brand Crème de la Cream, which is of the highest international quality.  


Crème de la Cream is a Dutch dairy brand, focused on healthy and nutritious food products, which is embedded in and presented by its own in whole grains, milk products, and sweeteners. At affordable prices, well savors, presently trendy, and meeting the customer expectations, its name is world-wide famous. Additionally, they are recognized for having all products in conformity with EU dairy regulations, by possessing the internationally recognized certificates such as BRC, COKZ (dairy) and Skal (organic).  

Crème de la Cream Milk Powder

With their slogan: "Nutritious Food for a Healthy Life", Crème de la Cream offers a complete and diversified range of enriched milk powders, for example, Goat milk powder, skimmed milk powder, full cream milk powder, etc.   

Moreover, it’s produced from Dutch exclusive milk sources (with a foundation of health), pasteurized, spray dried (to remove impurities), as well as remove lactose (to avoid bloating), added magnesium minerals, and retained excellent clear flavor.  

exclusive milk source with a foundation of health, pasteurized, spray dried to remove impurities, as well as remove lactose to avoid bloating, add magnesium minerals, and retain the excellent clean flavor.

Those amazing features and hearty creations have caught VIEC's attention, by which we decided to be the exclusive distributor of Crème de la Cream in Asia. Being their partner, VIEC proudly bring high-quality Milk Powder products from a reputable factory directly to Asian, for whom we understand so well the eager wishes for first-class European manufactured dairy.  


At VIEC, we commit to bring you the original, quality, and healthy choice manifested in all of our carefully selected products.  

By understanding Asian tastes, we opt for Crème de la Creme as a valuable brand to bring 5-star ratings powdered milk with an unrivaled taste:  

  • Original milk powder with various flavours: pleasant and flavorful vanilla taste, or sweet banana, and strawberry that easy to drink.  
  • Goat milk powder which is high in fat and energy.  
  • Skim milk powder which provides bone-building nutrients (protein, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A).  
  • Full cream milk powder which helps with weight gain, plus gives a superior rich creamy taste and mouthfeel.  

Europe Quality Certificates


Some kids and most of the adults are not fond of milk, but the fluffy Crème de la Cream milk powder creates a wonderful flavor that hard to resist. Sweet yet pure and creamy at the same time, it satisfies even the taste of the most fastidious. But more than that, it can be dissolved in either hot or cold water that will be very useful for busybody and even children to make milk on their own, which increases their independence. With just some spoonful in cold water, we can both save waiting time and be convenient for carrying to school or hanging out.  

What’s more is the milk tin packaging: colorful, typically Dutch design, and exquisitely withal, which is so eye-catching and deserved to be the special gifts for any occasion. Another plus point is the rounded inner rim of the tin to avoiding scratching when taking milk powder, and lightweight for carrying around. If you want to amaze your child or give a present to friends, colleagues, etc. these are thoughtfully wrapped for you.  

As was foreseeable, Crème de la Cream with the powdered milk product lines has quickly received ardor by VIEC customers and being our most favorite products. Currently, the products are sold-out quickly, but don’t worry because of missing the opportunity to own at least one, we’re on the progress to significantly increase the stock level to guarantee its availability, as well as looking for goods with similar quality.  



Growing up from an individual who once unilaterally export and import goods, VIEC fully understands the difficulties of who yearning for European specialties but could not order due to the minimum order quantity (or known as MOQ) is 1 container (20ft), or because they don’t have an import-export entity to assist.    

Therefore, VIEC decided to become an exclusive connection between the customers and the producers. The moment you set eye on our offerings, and the idea “THIS IS MY CUP OF TEA!” appears in your mind, rest assured that we are dedicated to:    

  • Receive your orders in small quantities from 1 carton at factory price    
  • FREE shipping on orders over EUR180 from The Netherlands with Track and Trace.    
  • Fast & reliable delivery (3-5 days)    

Through these benefits, we make sure your orders, regardless of any form, shape, and size, will fit any fitting orders for special occasions from company events and birthday parties, etc. to sharing with your colleagues and your friends. Not only that, if you can progressively, become a small distributor, starting your own business with us, offering these products to your selected market.    

Above and beyond, don’t forget that we satisfy the purchase needs of clientele across countries, from manufactures to end-users, with ease of use, via our webshop at Just take a look and you’ll have a full view of all products in-store.  

From European milk brands to Asia is a long road, but everything is worth it at the end of the journey when VIEC deliveries are in your hand. You only have to decide your favorites from our collection, after which we will take care of the rest.  

To our lovely customers, please keep in mind that VIEC will always distribute the quality and value products that merit your pocket.  

Finally, if you have already decided what of our milk products you want now, do not hesitate to quickly place your order through our website. In case you need more information, please contact us via our social media fanpages HERE.