Through interactions with our dearest customers, VIEC wants to make it even more convenient for the customers to have initial information about products, price, promotions, and payment methods. That is the reason why we have selected the most important question and associated answer to each of those topics. 

Let's us answer a few frequently asked questions within the next section.

Where can I find the list of VIEC's products and price?

Our products with price list and detail informations are always updated on the official website, you can easily take a look at: https://viec.nl/collections/all. Additionally, we offer our customers the price level as close to that which comes directly from Factories in Europe, therefore helping you acquire the high quality products at affordable prices .

Cookies and Drinks directly from EU Factories

How much is the minium order?

Minium order quantity can be just 1 carton of a product, but it will cost you shipping (24.95 EUR). We offer FREE Express Shipping for order from 180EUR. We are from the Netherlands, which is why EUR is our standard currency, besides EUR you can choose your country currency for the exact amount.

Do you have any promotions? 

Yes, we always have buy more – save more policy, as follows:

- Buy 2 with 19% off

- Buy 3 with 28% off

- Buy 4 or more with 32% off

And don’t forget that we have The additional benefit of free shipping on all orders from €180.

Sunflower Cookies Healthy and High quality from Poland

How can I place an order?

To quickly place an order, please visit https://viec.nl/ , choose your country currency and start shopping with us.

Roll around our shop, find your cup of tea and add them to the cart. Then, you can either carry on shopping or checkout if you’ve got everthing you need. Your account will show any stored addresses or payment options, making it quick and convenient to complete your order.

Finally, check if all details on your order confirmation are correct and it is done! The only work left is to receive the confirmation email that we'll send you as soon as the order is on its way. Isn't it so easy?

Do you ship to Asia?

Yes we do ship to, and mostly to Asian Countries, where customers may need to cover duty and tax themselves before being able to receive order at home.

For more details about VAT and DUTY, according to our database, you will enjoy Tax & Duty exemption when the total amount of your order is below the ¨Value Limit¨ per country. Now we are shipping to (include Tax&Duty):






JAPAN (JP) < 10.000 USD, -JPY

PHILIPPINES (PH) < 10.000 USD, -PHP (Philippines Peso)




MALAYSIA(MY) < 500 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)


SINGAPORE (SG) < 400 SGD (Singapore Dollar)




How long will it take for my order to arrive?

International orders normally arrive within 3-5 days of shipping. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be minor delays. But don’t worry, we are working on it to make sure that once your order has received, we’ll do our best to quickly dispatch it. Any significant delays turn up, we'll be sure to communicate with you using the email address that you enter at checkout.

Attention: The time taken to deliver to VIETNAM Is longer than other countries on the list, approximately about 5 - 10 working days, due to the requirements of local customs authorities and third-party customs service providers.

Armenian Cookies Healthy and High Quality

How would the payment be made? 

You can choose your most convenient and safest payment method as shown on our website. We accept a wide range of secured methods of payment. 

How do I become your distributor?

It’s such a pleasure to have you as our distributor. Being our reseller, we commit to bringing you the carefully selected products, which are original, high-quality, and exclusive.

For your information, when ordering from 4 to 10 cartons, the prices on web will be calculated by the wholesale price. Please take a look at: https://viec.nl/collections/all. 

Moreover, for orders with 10 boxes or more, will will work directly with you to shape the most suitable mode and cost of products as well as transportation. When you are ready for committing to distribute our collections, for at least 6 months, we will have a business contract with you to guarantee support to maximize sales and protect your business by our exclusive agreement.

In short, it will largely depend on your commitment with us. When you find yourself placing these types of orders, please contact us directly by mail: infor@viec.nl

Dutch Drink Milk Powder directly from Factory

To sum up with, VIEC trusts some of your concerns are cleared with those brief topics we have collected and answered.

If there are any further question,  please do message us via messenger on our Facebook fanpage or contact our support team via: Help@viec.nl.

We look forward to assist your buying decision with all necessary and precise information!

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