Special occasions need their matching gifts for the events to be colourful. Yet, there are a few things worth considering before purchasing any gift. For instance, is your present suitable to the occasion? Does your gift represent your thoughtfulness, with a personal touch? All said and done, here are just some special occasions where you can give your family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones a treasured present.


Tago Sunflower Cookie

Before presenting the specialties, it probably is a good idea to touch upon the timeless fundamentals of gifts.


Since ages, the heavenly presence of flowers had been taken into consideration to be the colorful magic of this Earth. As there have been flowers for every occasion and emotional expression, flowers make a classic elegant gift, which leaves a mesmerizing and fascinating memory for your loved ones. With the advancement of technology, one can easily order online and get flowers under same day delivery services.


People in all ages are familiar with the occasional simple joy of enjoying a delectable piece of cake and a freshly brewed cup of tea. It could be an occasion-centric cake or a rich-creamy, spongy cake topped with fruits and lots of freshly whipped cream. No matter what size, shape, or form they are, cakes are the soul of all good gatherings in the world and hence makes an undeniably great gifting item.

Personalised Gifts

Memories are like the best gift you can pass on to someone dear. As personalised gifts come along with a nostalgia-stricken piece of memories, these make a great gift for any and every occasion. A framed photograph can be gifted to someone to convey your heartfelt condolence or to sort out the long-lost friendship or love that existed before.


Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people who consider confectionery to be the perfect gift for their special occasions. These wonderful gifts not only accompany us through amazing experiences, but also are convenient to become the great gifts, with these following outstanding features: uniqueness with superior quality, hand-made with care, delicious and flavourful, which can satisfy everyone's appetite. Comply with the European regulations on quarantine, food safety, and quality standards. Elegant packaging, courtesy, and exquisitely withal, which deserve to be the special gifts for any occasion.



Confectionery is the fairy tale of every wonderful brunch and tea time. Within that fantasy context, there is no doubt that Europe, where confectionery enthusiasts are, is the best gateway for the sweet adventures. 
To bring you the timeless delight from the most popular, delicious, and healthy confectioneries, VIEC has chosen the high-quality European brand AGI and Tago, which has some secret sweets with unique and inimitable flavors.

Traditional Armenian Cookies

AGI - Reliable supplier from Bulgaria

AGI is a confectionery production plant in Bulgaria, which secures a stable position in Europe thanks to its first and still most popular product: “Napoleon – The Emperor’s Choice!”. Since their certificates are in accordance with the strictest quality requirements of European standards, AGI has made their world-wide reputation with their famous products.

Take a stroll around AGI sweet-shop, it’s easy to find their signature product collection such as puff pastry, cookies, mini cakes, decorated cakes, kids line, wellness line,… which have touched the heart of those who love sweets. 

What is more, for Europe, AGI is known as a symbol of expertise and excellence, on account of their magically mesmerizing taste, plus the abundance of nutrition. 

Those amazing features and hearty creations have caught VIEC's attention, by which VIEC decided to go with AGI in the journey of introducing and directly bringing European first-class confectionery to the consumers in Asia. 

TAGO Wafers

TAGO – One of the biggest source of excellent confectioneries

TAGO is a confectionery production plant in Poland that is well-known for having a ton of wholesome sweets at good prices, well savors, matching the present trends, and meeting the customer expectations. Additionally, they are well-known and certified for meeting the strictest first-class requirements of European standards for food product quality.
With wide-ranging manufactured products such as chocolate-covered biscuits, French puff pastries, sponge cakes, swiss rolls, chocolate products,… TAGO has taken the heart of people who love sweets all over the world
With those amazing benefits, VIEC decided to choose TAGO to be one of our ideal partners in the journey of introducing and bringing goods to the hands of Asian customers, for whom we understand so well that eagerly wish for first-rate European sweets


VIEC proudly brings you the suitable delivery and supply solution. With our trustworthy partners and reliable sources, VIEC also commits to ensure that our customers will get these benefits:

VIEC and customers

  • Receive your orders in small quantities, from just 1 carton.
  • Order 4 cartons or more to get factory price.
  • Deliver from Europe to Asia.
  • FREE shipping on orders over EUR180 from The Netherlands with Track and Trace
  • FAST and RELIABLE delivery (3-5 days)

Through these benefits, we make sure your orders, regardless of form, shape, and size, will fit any special occasion from company events and birthday parties,... to sharing with your colleagues and your friends. Not only that, you can progressively become a small distributor, starting your own business with us, offering these products to your selected market.
To our beloved customers, please remember VIEC will always try our best to bring you quality products with world class service.
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