Dutch Sugar Free Fruit Syrup SQZD 12 Packs 576ml (±93.000 VND/sf)

  • € 39.95
  • € 74.00
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Quantity and Packaging: 1 carton of 12 packs. Each pack is 48ml.

Price is for 01 Carton with 12 packs of 48ml (€6,-/pack of 48ml)
Buy More, Save More. When you buy 4 Cartons each pack costs only €3,35.

Origin: The Netherlands

With each tiny bottle containing 48ml of super fruit extract - Sugar Free, you can make 30 glasses of fruit juice, which is an equivalent to 6 litres of fruit juice. 

  • Only natural ingredients such as saffron extract, carrots, and melon honey, are used to create the fresh and beautiful syrup colours.
  • Available in 4 different flavours. 
  • Produced in the Netherlands accordance with European standards for quality.
  • Small packaging with one way dosing valve technology that is hygienic and tidy. 
  • Beautifully designed for unique and meaningful gift.
  • Suitable to carry with you in all activities: office, gym, classes, hiking, biking,...
  • Product contains NO Sugar
  • Suitable for all ages.
Open the lid of the bottle and hold it upside down above a glass or bottle of water. Gently squeeze to flavour your water!. Feel free to create your own cocktail or mocktail for your own choices by mixing with ice cubes, fresh fruit...

* The company is certified with international certificates such as BRC, COKZ, Skal, IFS, ECPA

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