Confectionery is the fairy tale of every wonderful brunch and tea time. Together with that fantasy moment, there is no doubt that European confectionery is the best gate opening a paradise of sweets, where once have ago, you can’t come back to other common flavours. 

To satisfy your professional taste and bring you the most popular, delicious and healthy confectioneries, VIEC is here with the high- quality European brand TAGO that gain a massive recognition across the globe. 


200319 Tago Tofinek VIEC 300x300 1TAGO is a confectionery production planted in Poland that being well-known by having a ton of wholesome sweets at good prices, well savors, matching the present trends, and meeting the customer expectations. Additionally, its name is worldwide famous thanks to their trustworthy certificates according to the strictest quality requirements of European standards. 

With wide-ranging manufactured products such as chocolate-covered biscuits, French puff pastries, sponge cakes, swiss rolls, products in chocolate,… TAGO has taken the heart of people who love sweets all over the world.  

Why? Because their strong taste is kind of something that goes beyond magic! 

With those amazing benefits, VIEC decided to choose TAGO to be one of our ideal partners in the journey of introducing and bringing goods to the hands of Asian customers, for whom we understand so well that eagerly wish for first-rate European sweets. 


200615 Quality Certificates Tago 768x432 1 e1631077905978At VIEC, we commit to bring you the original, quality, and healthy choice manifested in all of our carefully selected products. 

By understanding Asian tastes, we opt for TAGO as a valuable brand to bring delicious and beneficial sweet and beverages:

  • Varied lines of TAGO Cookies for your favorite: fruity flavor with “sunflower”, toasty “snowflakes”, or rich taste with the special “snowflakes chocolate icing”… 
  • 2 different levels of experience with Tago Wafers: The simple Caramel with homey smells, or the classy unique taste of a thin chocolate layer upon with the Caramel chocolate covered. 


TAGO is being recognized by the tasty flavors that will make not only the children but also the elderly fall in love from the very first bite.  

200615 Tago Cookie VIEC 768x768 1 e1631077926944With moderate sweetness, low fat as well as sugar, perfectly crunchy, and small bite-size that so well suited the kids, TAGO makes a good flavor that no one could resist the desire to taste more and more. Moreover, the soft and spongy texture will stimulate elders’ appetite. 

What’s more is the elegant packaging, courtesy, and exquisitely withal, which is so catchy and deserved to be the special gifts for any occasion. Another plus point is the compact design for easy to use and carry around. If you want to amaze your girlfriend, bring something new to your family, or share some relaxing rest time with your colleagues,… then won’t turn a blind eye to these wonderful wrapping. 


Growing up from an individual who once unilaterally export and import goods, VIEC fully understands the difficulties of who yearning for European specialties but could not order due to the minimum order quantity (or known as MOQ) is 1 container (20ft), or because they don’t have an import-export entity to assist.   

Therefore, VIEC decided to become an exclusive connection between the customers and the producers. The moment you set eye on our offerings, and the idea “THIS IS MY CUP OF TEA!” appears in your mind, rest assured that we are dedicated to:   

  • Receive your orders in small quantities from 1 carton at factory price   
  • FREE shipping on orders over EUR180 from The Netherlands with Track and Trace.   
  • FAST delivery (3-5 days)   

200519 Tago at ISM copy 768x516 1 e1631077963432Through these benefits, we make sure your orders, regardless of any form, shape, and size, will fit any fitting orders for special occasions from company events and birthday parties,… to sharing with your colleagues and your friends. Not only that, if you can progressively, become a small distributor, starting your own business with us, offering these products to your selected market.   

Above and beyond, don’t forget that we satisfy the purchase needs of clientele across the user-friendly countries, with ease, with our web-shop online ordering website: Just take a look and you’ll have a full view of all products in-store. 

From European confectionery brands to Vietnam is a long road, but everything is worth at the end of the journey when VIEC can deliver aliments directly to your hand. 

To our lovely customers, please keep in mind that VIEC will always distribute the quality and value products that merit your pocket. 

Finally, if you’re found on some of our sweets now, do not hesitate to contact us through website or fan-page to get order and quickly take home your favourites.