About Us

VIEC is a company that is specialised in exporting Directly and Exclusively, High Quality and Healthy Foods and Beverage from factories in Europe to all other countries in the World. We are located in the middle of The Netherlands - Nijmegen City where is known as the oldest city in The Netherlands. People living here is also known as one of the healthiest people in the world.

VIEC's Building in Nijmegen The Netherlands

VIEC stands for: Value - Integrity - Exclusivity - Connection. We are your reliable partner in International Trading, especially in Vietnam and The Netherlands.

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Exclusive Distributor of Swinkels Family Brewers from the Netherlands

Established on 11 - 11 - 2011, VIEC was set up to become a commercial bridge between Europe and Vietnam. Now we want to bring our high quality and healthy products directly from the factories in Europe to consumers all over the world. 

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VIEC with AGI Bulgarian Cookies Factory

Years of experiences in trading, import/export, and logistic services, VIEC is always ready to support you in many businesses. Leveraging long-term cooperation with factories, our exclusive products are offered with our core beliefs and values.

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Contributing to society is also our purpose in building our eco-system. VIEC has been training students during their internship to become well rounded person when they're graduated from schools. This is also our honour to work with young people with passion and style. 

We care about the Quality of Life, Health and Environment. 

VIEC at Elvan Factory Turkey