Internship at VIEC

VIEC is a company that specialized in E-commerce. Since we have found the potential of our products and the core value of ourselves, we move internationally to serve the world. We are located in the middle of The Netherlands - Nijmegen. VIEC stands for: Value - Integrity - Exclusivity - Connection.

Established on 11 - 11 - 2011, VIEC was a small company in connection with big and well-known partners in the world. Please take a look at our cooperation HERE to see whom we are working with. Working at VIEC means you have opportunities to experience in high-level management system and important businesses internationally. The experience you will learn from that is stainable and priceless.

Contributing to society is also our purpose in building our eco-system. VIEC has been licensed by SBB- Cooperation Organization for Vocational Education, Training and The Labor Market. This is an honored certificate of VIEC for a reason that it licensed only for companies have enough prestige along with training capability for University students.

We have:

Products in food and beverage that produced by European certified factories such as: Formula milk powder; Confectionery; Energy drinks; Beer; Wine; Candy...
Services in supporting businesses to bring their products to their wished markets in Europe and Asia.

Your internship with VIEC will be

Learn the supply chain, learn our eco-system, practice in real world of trading, in which you will be surprised how different it is compare with what you've learnt at school. It's OK, we all know that we need to finish school first as it's the key to open career doors in our. At VIEC, you will learn from our systematic training to be able to support us and yet contribute to your study.

What will be waiting for you at VIEC:

- Market research
- Contact with supplier
- Contact with third-party service supplier
- Marketing
- Customer relationship management
- Sales

Is this your path? Yes, If

You are looking for a chance to really learn, practice and work. Facing to challenges so that to grow and to give. Take responsibility and have a big dream and start with detailed plan. It has been said that: "It is not about the size of the dog in the fight, but it's all about the size of the fight in the dog" - Mark Twain.

Call us: +31 642049998 - Give us a chance to work with you and give you a chance to understand what we are trading at VIEC.

Internship at VIEC