We believe that the supply chain from manufacturers to Consumers could be shorter and even be directly, without valueless intermediary. We want to bring products from manufacturers directly to Big Wholesalers, Supermarket chains or even Directly to its targeted consumers. We want offer the most profit to supply chain and at the same time offering highest value possible to the end-users.

Therefore in 2011 VIEC was found to serve this idea. In 2017 we have accomplished to bring products directly from factory in the Netherlands to Vietnamese consumers via cross-border e-commerce in less than 10 days. Besides, many manufacturers have found their markets in Vietnam as well as in the Netherlands via VIEC. 

Contact us for more information and opportunities.


Meijhorst 6002, 6537 KT Nijmegen, Gelderland, The Netherlands

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Chúng tôi tin rằng chuỗi cung ứng từ nhà máy đến người tiêu dùng có thể được tinh giản và trực tiếp hơn, bỏ qua toàn bộ trung gian không quan trọng. Do đó, vào năm 2011, VIEC được thành lập để hiện thực hóa ý tưởng này, rút gọn và tối ưu hóa chuỗi cung ứng, tăng lợi nhuận trong chuỗi và quan trọng nhất là tăng giá trị sản phẩm cho người dùng. Bởi người tiêu dùng sẽ quyết định giá thành và tuổi đời của sản phẩm. 

Cty VIEC tại Hà Lan sẽ song hành cùng doanh nghiệp của bạn để đưa sản phẩm đến tận tay người mua lớn, như Tổng Thầu, Các Chuỗi Siêu Thị hoặc thậm chí giúp doanh nghiệp của bạn Mở Riêng Một Của Hàng giới thiệu và kinh doanh sản phẩm ngay tại Hà Lan. Với lợi thế về vị trí địa lý, hơn 11 năm kinh nghiệm, thông thạo văn hoá và ngôn ngữ. Sẽ giúp doanh nghiệp bạn phát huy được 2 yếu tố quan trọng trong kinh doanh: Nhất Cự Ly – Nhì Tốc Độ. 

Hãy liên lạc với VIEC để có thêm thông tin mà bạn cần. Chúng tôi luôn sẵn lòng hỗ trợ. 

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Meijhorst 6002, 6537 KT Nijmegen, Gelderland, The Netherlands

+31 (0) 642049998
+31 (0) 24 6794355

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Wij zijn van mening dat de toeleveringsketen of gekend als Supply Chain van fabrikant tot consument korter en zelfs direct zou kunnen zijn. 

VIEC is in 2011 opgezet om dit idee te dienen. We willen fabrikanten rechtstreeks met groothandels te verbinden tussen Vietnam en Nederland, zodat de supply chain efficiënter wordt, meer waarde en winst wordt toegevoegd aan de hele supply chain en vooral voor de consumenten. 

Wilt u uw producten rechtstreeks aan Vietnamese Groothandels, Supermarktketen, of rechtstreeks aan consumenten offeren? We kunnen u ondersteunen.

Neemt u contact met ons op.


Meijhorst 6002, 6537 KT Nijmegen, Gelderland, The Netherlands

+31 (0) 642049998
+31 (0) 24 6794355

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October 12, 2019
B52 Energy Drink

If you can barely keep your eyes open during the workday or have a tough time making it through that dreaded camping slump, etc., it might be a good time to grab one B52 energy drink. 

Loaded with energy, B52 will keep you going all day long!

B52 Energy Drink Originally produced in The Netherlands and brought to Asia by VIEC

190816 Tigon B52 Energy Drink 3 768x512 1 e1631077127808 Come from the Netherlands, B52 energy drink

– the real energetic drink with its distinctive character is produced by Bavaria, one of the oldest companies in the Netherlands. Its name stems from the name of the powerful B52 jet-powered strategic bomber. For that impressive background, B52 expresses its characteristics through the explosive energy boost to whomever enjoys it.

Besides, Bavaria assures the safety of customers with their certificates for adhering to the strictest production quality requirements of European standards. From 1990 until now, it holds a premium position in many countries.

Bavaria products, or specifically, the energetic drink B52 has made their world-wide reputation by those amazing features. Therefore, VIEC decided to go with B52 in the journey of  introducing and directly bringing European high quality energy yet healthy drink to the consumers in Asia.

The distinguishing marks

At VIEC, we commit to bringing you the original, quality, and healthy choice – manifested in all of our carefully selected products. 

By diving into the quest to bring back a choice of European energy drink that not only intrigues fascinating tastes but also suits Asian appetite, we opt for B52 as a valuable option. 

Mood-up, mind-refreshing, and energetic – B52 has what it takes to become the ideal energy drink:

  • Golden coloured, clear and carbonated with taurine, high caffeine content and added vitamins. 
  • Aroma and stimulating flavor: deliciously fruity and sweet with a hint of vanilla for a delight aftertaste. 
  • Mild sourness provides a counterpoint and keep the flavours in balance
  • Produced using the pure water source in The Netherlands.
  • Perfect for occasions like camping, sport, or mixing cocktails.

Boost your energy and increase focus without the effort of brewing a cup of coffee

With B52 energy drink-boosting super-beverage,

it’s not a problem to keep you pumped up through those long work hours. 191011 B52 1 768x512 1 e1631077187943

After just a few sips, you’ll be refueled in an enjoyable way by the help of:

  • Taurine and caffeine to increase concentration and help you to stay wide awake.
  • Vitamins and minerals to strengthen muscles and nervous system.
  • Canned without added sugars and zero artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors to guarantee your health

So, stock up on these powerful energy drinks, and keep your energy levels up. 

One outstanding point is that B52 energy drink also includes enough caffeine content to support your weight loss journey and to reduce glucose consumption; supplement vitamins and taurine to provide necessary energy and increase concentration ability. 

To brisk up a new day, to energise, or to reduce stress and tiredness in working hours, choose B52.


Growing up from an individual who once unilaterally export and import goods, VIEC fully understands the difficulties of who yearning for European specialties but could not order due to the minimum order quantity (or known as MOQ) is 1 container (20ft), or because they don’t have an import-export entity to assist.    

Therefore, VIEC decided to become an exclusive connection between the customers and the producers. The moment you set eye on our offerings, and the idea “THIS IS MY CUP OF TEA!” appears in your mind, rest assured that we are dedicated to:   

Through these benefits, we make sure your orders will fit any size, shape, or form. Whenever you are looking for: 

  • A special treat in banquets, events, parties.
  • A thoughtful little gift with dreamy, lovely, elegant, and courteous packaging 
  • A compact design for ease of use and carry around 

You will be satisfied and amazed by these thoughtful wrappings.  

Not only that, you can progressively become a small distributor, starting your own business with us to offer these products to your selected market.    

Above and beyond, don’t forget that we satisfy the purchase needs of clientele across countries, with ease of use, via our webshop: https://viec.nl/. Just take a look and you’ll have a full view of all products in-store.  

From European energy drink brands to Asia is a long road, but everything is worth it at the end of the journey when VIEC deliveries are directly in your hand. You only have to decide your favorite from our collection, after which we will take care of the rest.  

To our dear customers, please keep in mind that VIEC will always distribute the quality and value products that merit your pocket.  

Finally, if you have already had a choice in mind, please quickly place your order through our website. In case you need more information, please contact us via our social media fanpages