How To Bring B52 Energy Drink To Vietnam

Royal Swinkels Family Brewers is a family business of brewers. Their product portfolio includes: beer, energy drink, etc.

They have their products exported to more than 130 nations. Coming from North Brabant, Netherlands, they now become the oldest company here.

Royal Swinkels always aims to pass on the company to the next generations to retain the original value they have built for ages. As a result, there were eight breweries and many beer brands of Royal Swinkels appreciated by consumers.

With the potential of the Vietnamese F&B market, the foreign player – Royal Swinkels Family Brewers took the opportunity to export products into Vietnam.

They planned to bring B52 energy drinks – one of their products to Vietnam. As the name shows, B-52 provides consumers with a great deal of energy. Mood-boosting, mind-refreshing, and energizing are its useful functions.

However, they had difficulty in how to penetrate the Vietnamese market, and had no connection. That’s why they accompanied VIEC.

Vietnamese Beverage Industry – One of the Most Attractive Markets in Asia

The Vietnamese food and beverage industry was the 10th Asian nation in top countries with appealing markets.

The Vietnamese F&B industry has proven its potential with gross sales of 975.67 billion VND (+3.8%) (2020), contributing up to 15.8% to the GDP.

The growth rate of Vietnam’s F&B industry increases steadily by 7% per year, according to the Vietnam Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Association (VBA).

By the near future (2030), it is predicted that the number of soft drink consumers in Vietnam will rank 3rd in the ASEAN beverage market, and the total expenditure will be the 5th in the region.

In terms of consumption of F&B by Vietnamese customers, its percentage makes up 35% of the total consumption expenditure. According to statistics, the average Vietnamese consumption of beverages is over 23 liters per year.

Different beverage categories were produced in Vietnam, including: instant tea, energy drinks, soft drinks, fruit juices, mineral water, purified water, carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.

Meanwhile, energy drinks market share accounts for 18.28%, ranking the 3rd highest in Vietnam’s market share of beverage products.

And the Vietnam Energy Drink Market CAGR is 1.64%.

energy drink market
B52 energy drink challange

Challenges when Royal Swinkels first attending the Vietnamese market

For foreign business in a new market, building brand, image, and creating trust in customers often takes time.

Though the B-52 has been a well-known product in the European market, it was unfamiliar to Vietnamese consumers at first. There was little awareness about the brand and no market share of this beverage product.

The above shows the difficulty in building awareness for the B-52 product of Royal Swinkels in Vietnam.

Another big obstacle is competitors who compete for opportunities in the market.

While Royal Swinkels Family Brewers has popularity and position in The Netherlands beverage market, it still faces other well-known drinking brands in Vietnam.

Red bull, Sting, Warriors, Red Dragons, Monster, Rock star, Number 1, etc are some big players in the energy drink market.

The price of energy drink products in the market is various:

  • Red bull: $0.43 – $0.56/ can of 250ml
  • Sting: $0.35 – $0.43/ bottle of 330ml
  • Warriors: $0.35 – $0.43/ bottle of 325ml
  • Red Dragons: $0.26 – $0.3/ bottle of 330ml
  • Rock star: $0.39 – $0.47/ can of 250ml
  • Monster: $1.25 – $1.51/ 355ml (premium customers)

It was relatively challenging for Royal Swinkels to find the position in the Vietnamese market. Then, they accompanied VIEC to solve these problems.

Cooperation of Royal Swinkels and VIEC to win Vietnamese customers’ hearts with B-52

VIEC made this beverage product familiar to consumers through each small but efficient step.

Understanding the unique selling point of B-52 energy drinks was the first essential step we took.

Bringing the explosive experience of taste and smell, B-52 has some noticeable features:

–          It is golden colored, clear, and carbonated with taurine, high caffeine content, and added vitamins.

–          Aromatic and boosting taste: deliciously fruity and sweet with a hint of vanilla for a delightful aftertaste.

–          Mild sourness provides a counterpoint and keeps the flavors in balance

–          In the production process, the company uses a pure water source in The Netherlands.

–         Perfect for gathering around on occasions like camping, sports events, or mixing cocktails in bars,  restaurants, and at home.

After identifying the unique selling point of the B52 energy drink, and the entry strategies plan. Our VIEC team started to test the market, to answer the Big question: Will this product be accepted in the Vietnamese market?

And these steps are done via our exclusive network, in which we can help Royal Swinkels operate 4PL logistic service directly in Vietnam.

Helping Royal Swinkels can ship B52 energy drinks straight to the local retailers, and buyers easily.

Moreover, with the VIEC team in Vietnam, Royal Swinkels can update the information, and improve customer service for their local retailers quickly

And it turns out that Vietnamese consumers have been willing to put B-52 Engergy drink in the shopping cart after the testing process for several months.

Hence, it’s time for VIEC to introduce B-52 Energy Drink directly to big importers and distributor in Vietnam.

Thanks to the footprint we have set up, and the hard working from the sale team. VIEC had successfully connect B-52 energy drink to distributors in Vietnam.

B52 energy drink bavaria to Vietnam
B52 energy drink holland to Vietnam

The result

 After several month, B-52 energy drinks have appeared in many convenient stores and supermarkets. The largest retail chain in Vietnam – Coop Mart, also distributes and sells this product to customers.

Moreover, we also connected to one of the biggest beverage distributors in Vietnam.

Nowsaday, in many bars and clubs, B- 52 is a popular drink used to mix in cocktails or mix with other beverages, which create an exceptional taste and smell for consumers.

With its exceptional, unforgettable taste and the support of VIEC Holland Company (Import – Export Company), B-52 energy drinks have created their definite place in the F&B market in Vietnam.

B-52 energy drink has become a favorite energy drinks brand to Vietnamese consumers, thanks to the cooperation and trust between Royal Swinkels Family Brewers and VIEC – Vietnam Import Export Company.

The export process was successful with the support and services of VIEC, which brought back victory for B-52 and Royal Swinkels Family.

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