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How OGFC Enter To The Vietnamese Market

OGFC established in 1998, it was first called NATCO Sales & Marketing. The company was a representative brokerage firm that is expert on selling various kinds of baked goods. 

Their tin packaged products include soft-baked double-chocolate chip cookies, fudge, chocolate-covered pretzels, and fudge brownies, which will bring happiness to anyone who tastes them.

In 2000, the Original Gourmet Food Company (OGFC) was founded to produce more creative items. One treat introduced that has become the most well-known company’s product is Gourmet lollipops, which was invested in million dollar for updating product quality.

After 11 years, they witness their success – business development, scale expansion and rising customers’ needs for high-quality and reasonably-priced lollipops.

The Original Gourmet Food Company was awarded the title “World’s Best” which is also the target they aim to achieve. 

A Rising Star - The Vietnamese Confectionery Market

Attracting international players by the predicted income of $7.81 billion (2022), the Vietnamese confectionery industry has also proven its potential through the remarkable growth rate – 15% per year.

An average confectionery consumption of a Vietnamese person was 10.5 kg in 2021,and the number is expected to increase to an amount of 11 kg in 2022, according to Statista.

Vietnam is a potential importer of confectionery that has imported $360.6 million of sweet products in 2019. It reveals itself as a playground that is worth considering for oversea businesses to invest in.

One of the factors contributing most to the development of this sweet industry is the young population in Vietnam (25-34 years old), which makes up 31.8% of total consumption. 

Considered the preferable and more consumed segment for Vietnamese customers, sugar confectionery’s volume reached 618.3 million kg just in the year 2021. 

Given all the previous potential, a chance for the Original Gourmet Food Company has come!



The first step is always the hardest…

Even though the brand created its popularity in the American market, at first it was challenged by not being recognized by Vietnamese customers.

Needless to say, there are also well-known domestic firms in Vietnam that have been familiar to consumers for ages, including Kinh Do (19%), Huu Nghi (5%), Bibica (4%), and Hai Ha (3%).

Other foreign players competing with OGFC come from Western countries such as: Lotte, Perfetti Van Melle (Alpenlibe, Chupa Chups), Orion, Liwayway, Meiji, Nestle, etc are main players staying on the same market as our company.

Despite of the competition, there was still room for OGFC to join the Vietnamese market as an international confectionery brand, which was revealed through the market share for oversea confectionery companies, 20% of the 7.81 dollars billion dollar industry.

A Cooperation Formed to Go on a Further Route

With all the efforts, VIEC and OGFC has become partners and we has helped their firm to penetrate the Vietnamese market despite the difficulties mentioned.

What has been done to support OGFC?

  • Identifying the unique selling point of the company

Original Gourmet has been innovating the Sweets and Snacks industry since 2000. 

Thanks to our patented lollipop machines and gravity pouring process, we were able to achieve what no other companies could – a smooth, shiny outer surface for our lollipops that eliminated air bubbles within the lollipops, reducing the risk of breakage. 

We also decided to use plastic sticks which never get soggy, never break, and will last as long as you wish.

  • Testing the market

Having available exclusive connections in Vietnam, VIEC had the ability to test the domestic market, get accurate insights of customers without spending too much time guessing.

WhatsApp Image 2022 07 11 at 11.49.04 AM
I was amazed when Niel Nguyen told me that he could sell my confectionery products in Vietnam before placing order with OGFC, which he actually did. Through his network and knowledge of the market, he managed to bring OGFC's flagship products to supermarket chain Circle K in Vietnam.
Richard A

See the Light at the End of the Tunnel !

As a supportive companion, we are proud of the OGFC’s success in the Vietnamese sweets market within a short period. 

By conducting the methods above, VIEC has helped their brainchildren to present in one of the biggest convenience store brands in Vietnam – Circle K.

And VIEC successfully helped OGFC export 5 containers directly to Vietnam within 6 months.

Such delightful and rapid results could not have been made without the collaboration between OGFC and VIEC. 

Until now, it has been easier for the Original Gourmet Food Company to gain the popularity in the Vietnamese confectionery industry.

BEYOND THE STORY OF Original Gourmet Food Company (OGFC), IT’S YOUR TURN NOW

At VIEC, we help our partners make decisions with confidence from a thorough understanding of the destined market, along with all the procedures involved. With more than 10 years of experience in international trade, we have handled more than 20 successful projects in many industries and built up a reliable network in Vietnam and the Netherlands.

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