LanderBrau Weissbeer 4,7% - Pack 12 cans of 500ml

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Quantity and Packaging: 1 case of 12 cans. Each can is 500ml. Product of The Netherlands. We only Ship this product to / in Vietnam, thank you for your understanding

Price is for 01 Case with 12 cans of 500ml (€1,79/can 500ml)
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Description of LanderBrau Weissbeer 4,7% can 500ml

Refreshing wheat beer with a firm head, cloudy and yellow in colour. The beer opens with an aromatic nose of sugared citrus fruit, a hint of spiciness and grains. The taste gives a suggestion of sweetness and continues with notes of herbs, citrus fruit, banana and stone fruit. A fermented, creamy mouthfeel provides a versatile and thirst-quenching beer with a smooth finish.

The perfect German beer for any moments

LanderBrau beer is a beer with golden character and a fierce body. This classical German style pilsener has a natural and mild taste. Brewed with care, from pure and honest ingredients, clearwater, malted barley and hops. LanderBrau literally means beer from the land. This natural beer lets you taste the long lasting German brewing culture. Therefore it's perfect beer any time.

Serve with

Dried sausage; Ham; Curried sausage; Wiener schnitzel; Cod parings. Best served temperature 3℃.

* The factory is certified with international certificates such as Product Health Certificates, IFS, ISO 22000. 

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