VIEC is a Dutch company, specialised in importing and exporting genuine F&B products from Dutch and Vietnamese factories. VIEC commits to bringing you high quality, healthy, and exclusive products with factory prices from highly reputable EU and Vietnamese manufactories. 

YOU’VE FOUND VIEC in the Netherlands

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Since the desire to find high quality and safe products has spread all over the world, export and import products have become global to meet the needs and standards of consumers. With that understanding in mind, VIEC is your connection and companion to extract the best from such trends.  

Searching for products of value, which are original and unique, represents VIEC – an e-commerce port to delivered goods directly from Europe, which is famous for having high-quality metrics, health standards, and exclusive commodities.  

You have found us on your journey of finding a trusted source for European F&B goods. 


This is a continuing and growing trend that benefits both the companies and the consumers 

200616 CDLC Milk 1000 525px 768x403 1 e1631077708843As a prestigious F&B products company, VIEC is well-known for the care of providing selected authentic beverages and confectionery products from European factories. These are common consumer goods which deserve absolute attention to guarantee our customers not only appealing tastes but also healthy ingredients.  

Feel bored with the old products from your hometown? You want to amaze your girlfriend, your family, your colleagues…?  

We have what you want. Through our rigorous selection process, our products inherently possess these qualities:  

  • Uniqueness with superior quality, hand-made with care.  
  • Delicious and flavourful, which can satisfy everyone’s appetite.  
  • Contain a wealth of nutrients, to ensure consumers’ health and vigor, especially for children and the elders.  
  • Comply with the European regulations on quarantine, food safety, and quality standards.  
  • Compact design for ease of use and carry around.
  • Elegant packaging, courtesy, and exquisitely withal, which deserve to be the special gifts for any occasion. 


200608 Slideshow homepage 3 MB 768x768 1 e1631078163581Growing up from an individual who once unilaterally export and import goods, VIEC fully understands the difficulties of who yearning for European specialties but could not order due to the minimum order quantity (or known as MOQ) is 1 container (20ft), or because they don’t have an import-export entity to assist.  

Therefore, VIEC decided to become an exclusive connection between the customers and the producers. The moment you set eye on our offerings, and the idea “THIS IS MY CUP OF TEA!” appears in your mind, rest assured that we are dedicated to:  

  • Receive your orders in small quantities from 1 carton at factory price  
  • FREE shipping on orders over EUR180 from The Netherlands with Track and Trace.  
  • FAST delivery (3-5 days)  

Through these benefits, we make sure your orders, regardless of any form, shape, and size, will fit any fitting orders for special occasions from company events and birthday parties,… to sharing with your colleagues and your friends. Not only that, if you can progressively, become a small distributor, starting your own business with us, offering these products to your selected market.  

At the same time, with our strategic choice of e-commerce channel, we satisfy the purchase needs of consumers across countries, with ease, via our web-shop. 

Through VIEC, you can easily buy goods directly from reliable European sources. Above and beyond, you are able to own high standard and original F&B products any time you want. 

“This food tastes amazing! Where did you find it? Tell me!”  

Yes, this enjoyable conversation starter is what our clients, who have ordered our special products, have experienced.  

All you have to do is to choose your next favourite items from our offerings to accompany your next cup of tea. 


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Alongside the wealth of experience and a keen sense of capturing the F&B trend, thereby offering product recommendations that are both quality and well-priced, VIEC also makes it easy to -purchase these exclusive items to guarantee your demand, as well as your proprietary.  

After nearly 10 years of operations in the field of import and export, VIEC is proud to be one of the brands trusted and supported by Asian consumers owing to our prestigious, vivacious, professional working style, together with the ability to comprehend and flexibly solve all problems there might be in the most optimal manner.  

Your wait time is now ending with VIEC bringing everything you need directly to your door! 

“VIEC – Value, Integrity, Exclusivity, Connections” has been, and will always be our operating motto.   

Currently, the competitive business market is expanding more and more fiercely, with the increasing number of F&B import-export companies according to the predilection with heterogeneous quality. Therefore, it’s important to carefully choose which o lay on your faith.  

With our commitment, we are confident to be your top choice for healthy and quality products for you, your families, your friends, and your significant ones. Together with that is the unique experiences coupled with memorable moments worth sharing. Besides, we have full cooperation documents with EU factories, as well as the necessary products information for you to validate any time you need.  

Let’s embark on the journey to health and peace of mind together. 

“Your cup of tea, our piece of cake. Your health, our cobrand tree. Your satisfaction, our pleasure.”