What does VIEC do?

VIEC is an Import Export Consulting Service that provides efficient import/export solutions between Vietnam and Europe. If you’re looking to grow your business by importing or exporting, we can help you connect directly with manufacturers via Direct Export and Direct Sourcing services. We also offer Import/Export Advisory services, and Quality Control.

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An Ugly Truth About the Supply Chain

Having over ten years of experience in the import/export industry between Vietnam and European, we could see the current supply chain was too costly and insufficient. There are too many parties involved in the process, which makes the cost higher, while there is no value added to the products.

In this industry, buyers and sellers each have their issues to deal with.

Buyers must pay an additional 30 – 40% for imported goods, and can have no idea how or by who their products are manufactured, or where they actually come from.

Sellers receive a very low profit margin without ever knowing who is consuming their products, or how they feel about them.

Both buyer and sellers face challenges with documentation and communication between Vietnam and Europe, which also takes up a lot of time and money.

That’s why VIEC was born

We fully recognise the current issue in trade between Europe and Vietnam. With the goal of optimising the current import/export process between Vietnam and Europe, VIEC was founded.

We can connect sellers and buyers directly because of our broad connections and extensive experience, particularly in Europe and Vietnam.

For Buyers: You can import products at production costs, which is approx. 30 – 40% less expensive. Additionally, knowing your suppliers will improve your ability to manage product quality.

For Sellers: You can sell at better prices and know where your products are going, and whether consumers like them.

Everybody is happy!


Our client success is our success


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Learn more about VIEC’s founder

(Niel) Nhu Nguyen originally came to the Netherlands to study for his second bachelor’s degree in Retail Management after being granted his first one in Sociology in Vietnam.

Having worked for multiple international companies in the Netherlands and Germany, he decided to start his own small business in the Netherlands.  

At the start the business was simply a trading company that bought products from the Netherlands and re-sold them to distributors in Vietnam. 

However, with the “Thinking Big” mindset and “Can-do” mentality, Nhu Nguyen did not want to remain in his comfort zone. He wanted to grow professionally and see his business grow. 

He wanted to create something new in International Trade. Something that would make life easier for everybody. 

He knew the two most important key figures in the supply chain: The Manufacturer and the Consumer. He wanted to build a system that added the maximum value to these two figures, and minimise the whole supply chain to run more efficiently and be more profitable.

So he came up with the idea of creating an import/export consulting service which helps businesses to connect directly to buyers in Vietnam and the Netherlands. 

Up to now, that journey has been more than ten years, and he has successfully helped over twenty businesses connect to buyers directly between Vietnam and the Netherlands. 

With his experience and extended business contacts in both Vietnam and the Netherlands, Nhu Nguyen can also support your business in: 

Want to discuss more and find a way to expand your business in Vietnam and the Netherlands? 

(Niel) Nhu Nguyen