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Import and Export Advisory Service Vietnam – Europe

Do you want to know more about the import/export process in Vietnam or Europe? 

Do you want to take the opportunity to expand your market to Vietnam or Europe? 

Do you want to spend your valuable time on the right things. Instead of doing all the jobs that you are unfamiliar with?

Meet one-on-one with our import/export advisor to show you the way step by step to efficiently import/export your products.

How Can Our Import Export Advisor Help You?

  • Discussion of tax and duty rates
  • Importance of import/export regulations and Harmonised System (HS) Codes
  • Registration of your product in the destination country 
  • Registration of EAN code for your product to be able to start commerce in the destination country
  • Advice on the best practices of working with a logistics agent, customs brokers, and other related service providers
  • Understanding means of payment and trade terms
  • Advice on price strategy to help you gain more opportunities when approaching your customers while making a profit. 
  • Advise and support you in negotiating with your direct customers
  • Advise on inspections costs, warehousing, 3PL or 4PL logistics solutions to start selling your product on the market effortlessly 
  • Step-by-step process guidance
  • Pathfinding for learning about restrictions, regulations, and trade barriers
  • Up to date with the market trends and market research to find out what to sell and how to sell
  • And much more…

If You Don't Know Any Of The Above, Just Ask!

Book a FREE consultation hour with our advisor to get to know more about the opportunities and regulations in Vietnam and Europe.


What does an Import and Export Advisor do?

An import/export advisor will guide your company through whole supply chains in international trade. Our expert will support and advise your business to prepare for international trade; this includes Trade Compliance, Customs Clearance, and other export and import Process Requirements before companies expand their businesses to the foreign market.

Working with an experienced expert might seem costly initially, but at the end of the day, it’s an excellent choice to save both time and money for your business. You will receive expert advice, and step-by-step guidance to avoid paying for any inexperienced mistakes, and avoid going through challenges and unexpected issues in international trade. These problems can come from regulations, trade compliance, a specific requirement for each industry, and so forth. 

Additionally, with expertise in exporting and importing, our expert can help you react quickly to the Vietnamese or Dutch market changes, which can be difficult, when your business has no close contact with clients in the local market. Ultimately, an advisor enables you to work with the proper logistics company to ensure smooth supply chains so your business can cut costs and improve profitability.


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