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Product Sourcing In Vietnam 

Finding suppliers in Vietnam can be more difficult than it appears. We will help you to find reliable business partners, request quotations, negotiate prices, handle shipments, and deal with paperwork. To assist your business with importing quality products directly from manufacturers at reasonable prices, contact VIEC now.

Please let us know what product you would like to source in Vietnam, and we will find the right Vietnamese factories for your business.

To find the right Vietnamese factories for your business, this is what our sourcing agency will do for you


1) Planning & Finding Suppliers

It's really hard to manage what you don’t understand. That's why our sourcing company will find, check, discuss, and start planning for your project, before making our final selection with you. So there are no surprises or hidden costs involved at any point during the sourcing process.

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2) Sending Samples

In order to ensure the most suitable quality of the products, we start a sampling procedure with suppliers until you are satisfied with their product. Only then will we proceed in sourcing for your final product.


3) Quality Control

To provide high-quality solutions, we will send experts to visit the factory to double-check everything from equipment used for production, all the way down to quality inspection. Once these confirmations have been completed, we will negotiate terms and finalise details ahead for making quality products with competitive prices.

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4) Shipping Your Products

Before importing products from Vietnam, it’s important you work with a sourcing agent that can offer guidance and advice throughout each step of the process. Our Vietnam sourcing agent will help you to import products smoothly by providing quotes from forwarders to guarantee an efficient delivery time, and reduce goods damage.

Our Sourcing Expertise in Vietnam

Our Vietnam sourcing agent specialises in Agriculture Products, Spices, Pottery, Ceramics, Textiles, Furniture, and Seafood. As a premium Vietnam sourcing agent, we commit ourselves to only connecting your business to reliable suppliers in Vietnam, and an assortment of supply chain management services to make logistics easier for your trade and business.


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Argiculture Products





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We will find the right factories for your business in Vietnam

Why Source In Vietnam?

With a hardworking labour force and stable economy, Vietnam is one of the ideal outsourcing destinations for your business, alongside China and other South-East Asian countries.  

Vietnam ranked fifth place in terms of the best countries to outsource in the world in 2019 (According to Market Insider).

That’s because the country has a highly skilled and yet low cost workforce. Your organization will have a chance to produce a high-quality product while saving up to 90% on labour costs when outsourcing in Vietnam.  

Additionally, with the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), European companies will have opportunities to eliminate 99% of all import tariffs, reduce barriers, and overlap the red tape.

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What Does Vietnam Export The Most To Europe?

Vietnam is the EU’s 15th trade-in goods partner and the EU’s largest trading partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2020.

In the first five months of 2022, the export revenue of Vietnamese shipments to European countries amounted to 27.67 billion USD (+21.1% compared with 2021). 

Regarding the number of goods shipped, Europeans imported 15.7% of Vietnam’s products.

Vietnam’s main exports to the EU are telephone sets, electronic products, footwear, textiles and clothing, coffee, rice, seafood, and furniture.

VIEC - Your Reliable Vietnam Sourcing Agent

VIEC is confident to become your sourcing agency focused on the Vietnamese market. We have a deep understanding of each business culture of both Vietnamese and Dutch, and speak both local languages fluently – thanks to our origins in Vietnam and over 11 years of doing business in the Netherlands.

Hence, our sourcing agent can provide customized solutions to keep the import and product sourcing process in Vietnam running smoothly with competitive prices, and save time for your trade and business houses. Over the past decade, our sourcing company has successfully handled countless product sourcing projects from Vietnam to the Netherlands, and built up broad Vietnamese contacts extending in various industries.

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