Import Export Consulting Services
Vietnam and Netherland

Streamlining your own import export process in Vietnam and Netherlands with our comprehensive import export consulting service. 

Direct Export

Help your business get a higher profit margin with our direct export services. VIEC can offer you an opportunity to cut down up to 90% of costs and deliver to Vietnam in half the time, making your business turn to be more competitive in the Vietnamese market.

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in Vietnam and the Netherland with our import export consulting services


Import Export Advisory

Guiding your company through the entire import export process, including preparing documentation, shipping procedures, trade compliance and duty management involved in the movement of goods in international business

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Import/ Product Sourcing

Connecting your business to reliable manufacturers or suppliers in Vietnam to ensure a smooth import process with quality commitment and the best price on offer via our consulting services

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Direct Export

Streamlining your supply chain via selling your products straight to large retailers in Vietnam, and vice versa. Saving time, improving your profits and business relationship in international markets via our cost effective service

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Quality control

Checking different suppliers in international trade and offering samples from the manufacturer, as well as ensuring your orders‘ adherence to your quality standards to save money for your business

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Why choose VIEC - Vietnamese Import Export Consultant

Over a decade of experience in doing business in both the Vietnamese and Dutch markets, we have developed a unique perspective that sets us apart from other companies. Our speciality lies mainly with the import export business between Vietnam and the Netherlands – there are many reasons why you’ll want our help when it comes to dealing within these two countries: 

We assist you in mitigating risks, failure as well as miscommunication among all the parties, and government agencies involved. Also, you can get exclusive market information and shiftings in customer behaviors

Based on our extended business contacts, we can connect your business directly to our local partners, thereby saving your time and money in international trade, as there is no need to start from scratch on your own.

Our services have successfully supported over 20 projects across numerous fields. Our consulting services take pride in our wealth of trade knowledge and expertise to take your company import and export product to other countries sufficiently and effectively.

We assist you in mitigating risks, failure as well as miscommunication among all the parties, and government agencies involved. Also, you can get exclusive market information and changes in customer behaviors

Headquartered in the Netherlands and having a broad business network in Vietnam,  we can react quickly and precisely to buyers’ latest requirements in new markets

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Our import and export case studies

Discovering how our clients are expanding their businesses and saving money in Vietnam and the Netherlands from our tailored import export consulting services.

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Uncover what opportunities, tips and news awaiting your business to secure long-term success in import export process in Vietnam and the Netherlands.

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