Importing Tractors from Vietnam to the Netherlands – VIEC’s Remarkable Achievement

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In July 2022, VIEC encountered a unique request: to import valuable used tractors from Vietnam to the Netherlands. The transportation would involve moving the machinery from Dong Nai port in Vietnam to a passionate collector in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Our customer, an avid antique collector, expressed a deep desire to add this tractor to their collection, which serves as a timeless repository of memorabilia. This order was not just about profit but carried significant spiritual value, making it a truly exceptional undertaking for our company.


The Antique Tractor That Captivated Dutch Buyers

Importing tractors from Vietnam into the Netherlands proved to be an incredibly challenging process. Difficulties arose right from the start during the preparation of the necessary paperwork. Importing any goods requires a meticulous handling of documents, and the same holds true for farming machinery. However, when dealing with used equipment, additional procedures come into play.

In this particular case, inspection certificates from agencies designated by the law were crucial, as stated in Article 7 of Circular 23/2015/TT-BKHCN. The customs dossier for importing used agricultural machinery encompassed the following documents:

  • Certificate of business registration
  • Manufacturer’s certification of the equipment’s standards in accordance with Article 6 of Circular 23/2015/TT-BKHCN
  • Certificate of goods inspection, as prescribed in Clause 2, Article 10 of Circular 23/2015/TT-BKHCN, which included:

+ Details such as the name, year of manufacture, brand, model, number, and manufacturer name of the used equipment/machinery.

+ A conclusion on the conformity of the aged equipment’s manufacturing standards with the provisions of the National Technical Regulations (QCVN) or the national standards (TCVN) of Vietnam, or compliance with the safety, energy-saving, and environmental protection standards of the G7 countries.

Note: If the machinery is over 10 years old but still operates at an efficiency level exceeding 85%, written approval from the Ministry of Science and Technology is required.

Unfortunately, the owner had misplaced some of the relevant documents due to the tractor being purchased a long time ago, which caused delays in the importing process.

The Difficulty of Finding a Suitable Container

The second obstacle we encountered was the scarcity of containers suitable for transporting this particular tractor. The consignee insisted on using a Flat Rack Container for loading. Consequently, the cost of locating a container that met these specific requirements proved exorbitant, leading many shipping companies to decline transporting the used tractor. Despite the Dutch collector’s full and early payment, the importation of this Vietnamese tractor to the customer faced significant challenges for over two years.


How Did VIEC Overcome These Importing Difficulties?

To surmount these obstacles, VIEC implemented effective solutions. Our first priority was to assemble a comprehensive set of customs documents in accordance with international import and export regulations. With the aid of our network of shipping companies and document consultants in Vietnam, we managed to swiftly complete these necessary procedures within approximately one month.

The search for a suitable Flat Rack Container was also successfully resolved. This container type is specifically designed for the transportation of goods, machinery, and equipment, making it a perfect fit for securely transporting the tractor to the buyer.

Just as the process appeared to be proceeding smoothly, another unexpected challenge surfaced. Due to the sender being an individual, the required shipping procedures could not be carried out. With time ticking away and the ship and Flat Rack Container already booked, VIEC demonstrated intelligence and resourcefulness in finding a solution. We engaged in an export trust arrangement, wherein a forwarder or a company specializing in providing entrustment services acted


Mission Accomplished – Ending the Hopeless Wait

With relentless effort, vast experience, and seamless cooperation with our valued customers, we are thrilled to announce the successful transportation of an antique machine from Dong Nai port in Vietnam to the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. This project involved importing plough and presented several intricate challenges, but VIEC’s expertise ensured a smooth process.

In a matter of a few months, we brought an end to the arduous two-year wait that our customers endured while seeking a solution to ship their cherished old farming machinery. We are proud to recommend the Direct Import method, a service that brings immense benefits to importers, exporters, and the product itself.


For businesses facing similar circumstances or with import and export requirements, we urge you to consider VIEC’s mission of maximizing profits through our effective consultancy services. With over 11 years of operation in the international trade arena, VIEC has garnered expertise in resolving complex import and export challenges. By collaborating with us, you can craft a tailored strategy that suits your business objectives.


Connect with us and embark on a journey towards overcoming obstacles, optimizing trade operations, and achieving unparalleled success. VIEC stands ready to guide you through the intricacies of international commerce, ensuring your business thrives in a competitive global market.


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