The Netherlands has got a secret sweet. It’s Sweet Amsterdam, the soft candies collection which is semi-handmade with 80 years of experiences from a candy artisans family in the Netherlands.

For over 2 generations, they have focused on creating extraordinary sweets with a single mission: lovely sweets from natural ingredients, without using chemicals. Even the colours and flavours are from the fruits themselves. Sweet Amsterdam is the outstanding achievement, combining the gifts from nature, years of experiences, and the refined techniques passed down through generations

DSC01978With the promise to bring our customers the healthy and exclusive products, VIEC has sought out Sweet Amsterdam, which matches highest international quality standard for candies.

Sweet Amsterdam Candy Factory 


The joyful mix of sweet Amsterdam candy delights in VIEC‘s collection

Sweet Amsterdam soft candies are definitely the most notable. They are made from natural ingredients through strictly controlled process to follow the quality requirements according to European standards. Additionally, its charm comes with the final soft and tender texture, plus the fruity aromas with a variety of rich flavours, and pleasant sweetness.190513 VIEC Sweet Ams 5

A true taste of Dutch treats, a timeless delight!

Moreover, by the craftsmanship of the Dutch artisans Johannes & Elizabeth, Sweet Amsterdam is a collection of masterpieces to the level which simply cannot be achieved by mere machinery. Needless to say, the sweets have become a modern fantasy candy, or can even being recognised as a childhood treat for the new generation.

To be VIEC‘s selection, Sweet Amsterdam possesses some attributes that are unique to the brand:

· 100% NATURAL with fresh fruits, pectin extracted from plants, and Agar Agar extracted from red seaweed.

· Beneficial for the overall health of the body and mind.

The particular Agar Agar content in Sweet Amsterdam candies has the ability to strengthen bones and help prevent Alzheimer’s disease as well as the brain degeneration.

· Suitable for dieter.

Once again, Agar Agar – a natural fiber in red seaweed, added to Sweet Amsterdam candy in a sufficient amount – not only helps to lose weight (contain less calories, fat & carbohydrates), but also assists digestion.

and detox. Therefore, the sweet gained massive reputation in Japan by being an important part of a famous diet named Kanten.

· A perfect match for any tea time.

· Can be used as a natural “sweet record” to teach children how to recognise fruits through the sweets’ appearance and real flavours.

· A thoughtfully gift.

If Love is the sweetest thing in life then the second place must go to Sweet Amsterdam soft candies.

Holding a box of Sweet Amsterdam, no matter who the recipients are, they will definitely be amazed by its elegant packaging. To highlight such an amazing product, both the boxes and the label are designed by the dedicated experts as well as designers in those fields, especially thanks to MCOT Branding Solutions. 

Allow the love blooming after that first bite!

Those amazing features and hearty creations have caught VIEC‘s attention, by which we decided to be the exclusive distributor of Sweet Amsterdam in Asia. Being their partner, VIEC proudly brings high-quality candies from a reputable factory directly to customers, for whom we understand so well the eager wishes for first-class European manufactured sweets.

Let VIEC become your reliable companion

Thanks to the promptitude in sourcing quality and healthy products, VIEC’s fortunate to find and become the first and only main distributor of the Sweet Amsterdam product line to our customers, especially in Asia.

200707 Fruit Mixed sweet Amsterdam 1As a result, VIEC assures the source of the original and exclusive products that no one else, other than you, can own.

Don’t miss the chance to become a pioneer, let us to be your trusted business partner!


With years of experience in unilaterally export and import of goods, VIEC completely understands the difficulties of those who yearn for European high quality products from manufacturers but could not order due to the minimum order quantity (or known as MOQ) of 1 container (20ft), or because they don’t have an import-export entity to assist.

VIEC proudly brings you the suitable delivery and supply solutions. With our trustworthy partners and reliable sources, VIEC also commits to ensure that our customers will get these benefits:

· Receive your orders in small quantities, from just 1 carton.

· Order 4 cartons or more to get wholesale price.

· Deliver from Europe to Asia.

· FAST and RELIABLE delivery (3-5 days)

Through these benefits, we make sure your orders, regardless of form, shape, and size, will fit any special occasion from company events and birthday parties,… to sharing with your colleagues and your friends. Not only that, you can progressively become a small distributor, starting your own business with us, offering these products to your selected market.

If you’re finding an unique and fascinating candy collection which provides the most nutritional value, you shouldn’t skip this Sweet Amsterdam.

To our beloved customers,VIEC will always try our best to bring you quality products with world class service.

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