Exporting Water Hyacinth Furniture – Tam Long Crafts

Tam Long Fine Arts Co., Ltd, established since 2000, is one of the pioneers in trading and exporting furniture items including living room sofa, dining table set, bag, tray made from water hyacinth, rattan, sedge, plastic rattan, etc. The firm also receives a great deal of furniture orders, and produces multiple batches that are required […]

Bringing Dutch Beer To Vietnam – Landerbräu Beer

Royal Swinkels Family Brewers is a family brewers company in North Brabant, the Netherlands. In their country, the business has become the oldest and one of the most popular brewers’ companies. They have 8 breweries and dozens of beer brands and energy drinks introduced to more than 130 nations. One of the most well-known products […]

How To Export Confectionary To Vietnam – Eljo Suikerwerken

CPHI is a significant trade fair in the pharmaceuticals for health sector on a global scale. 

Being presented at the CPHI show is a quick and efficient way to market your company, launch goods, and provide a variety of networking possibilities with related partners. 

VIEC and Orgalife worked together on this occasion. How effective was the outcome, then? Read the article below to learn more about us!

8 Things you Should Know about Trade Fair – Bettering your Company’s Profits


For generations, trade fair has been a vital sales and marketing tool. They give companies the chance to present their products, share information, and discuss market trends in a specially designed setting.

A trade show can be perfect for you if you’re seeking unique marketing strategies that don’t depend on technology or mass appeal.

Where to Import Cashew Nuts from Vietnam


Brief Statistic of the Vietnamese Cashews Export Market Ranked as a global leader of cashew nuts exporter, Vietnam has an impressive export revenue of 3.63 billion USD in 2021, increasing by 13% compared to 2020. Only in April 2022, Vietnamese cashew nut exports reached 49,000 tons, worth 290 million USD, a growth of 22% in […]

Benefits of Import Cashew Nuts from Vietnam


Cashew nuts are among the most widely used nuts in the world because of their excellent flavor, advantageous health benefits, and variety in cooking.  As a result, cashew nut growing and production are quite common worldwide, especially in Vietnam –  the leading countries that grow and export cashew nuts around the globe. Overview and Statistic […]