8 Things you Should Know about Trade Fair – Bettering your Company’s Profits

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For generations, trade fair has been a vital sales and marketing tool. They give companies the chance to present their products, share information, and discuss market trends in a specially designed setting.

A trade show can be perfect for you if you’re seeking unique marketing strategies that don’t depend on technology or mass appeal.


What is a Trade Fair?

How is the Trade Fair Understood?

In order to exchange information, goods, and services, as well as to network with other like-minded individuals, businesses (exhibitors), professionals, and business representatives (visitors) get together at trade fairs in a specialized setting.

A space will be provided for exhibitors, and it is their responsibility to interact and engage with the event’s attendees. The best situation is for them to create leads, network, and ideally close a few sales (although it’s not always simple!).

Other names: Trade shows, expos, and trade exhibitions.


Who May be Benefited from Joining a Trade Fair?

Trade exhibitions are beneficial for B2B companies, or “traders”, since they allow them to share information about their products and engage with potential customers in a natural environment that is catered to them and their audience.

B2C companies or customers are frequently seen at expos or exhibition fairs even though they aren’t typically allowed exhibit space or access. But on one or two of the days that they are accessible to the public, some trade exhibitions do allow visitors. Everything depends on the type of show.



What are the Functions of Trade Fair?

You could decide to participate in an exhibit at a trade show for a variety of reasons, such as:

Making sales 

This is the key to success at trade shows. This is also known as meeting a quota or making direct sales.

Lead generation

It is essential for any marketing funnel because without leads, salespeople have no one to convert.

Competition Analyzing 

Evaluating competitors and determining the technologies and marketing strategies they are employing. While keeping up with the competition is a good idea, avoid making the conversation solely about them.


Engage with your current clientele

They are more inclined to purchase new goods and services, so you can continue to grow your relationship with them and provide them with more advantages.

Introduce new goods and services 

Both existing and potential customers may profit from them. Nevertheless, you’ll have a better understanding of which current clients your new addition will best serve.

Account-based marketing 

Know who you want to meet with before you enter a trade show so you can develop a strategy that will be more effective in converting them.

Obtain Feedback 

It can help you enhance your services, sales, and marketing, and you can get suggestions that completely change the way you go about your business.

Recognize trends 

This is essential whether you want to keep current or steer away from fads.



How Does a Trade Show Work?

Trade exhibitions typically feature an event schedule that includes speakers or breakout sessions so that attendees aren’t just wandering in one place for hours on end.

Visitors must receive value from event organizers, and you may do the same.

. . .

Workshops – talks or activities centered on a theme or subject related to a particular industry.

Breakout sessions – In a workshop, you might have a breakout session where smaller groups break off to explore more specific topics before coming back together to share notes.

Media opportunities – This will cost more, but additional marketing may result in media coverage and heightened interest.

Events for networking – Some trade exhibitions or their partners will host networking opportunities before, during, or after events (and occasionally you might even get a party!).


Awards – Some trade shows enjoy honoring individuals who have completed a specific number of years of service in a sector or who have accomplished outstanding accomplishments.

Speakers – are typically someone with extensive expertise of the subject matter or a fresh perspective. if they’re well-liked, they can draw sizable audiences.

. . .

If you can participate in even one of these events, you’ll become more visible, more well-known, and develop stronger relationships there.



Making Money at a Trade Fair – How? 

If you do trade exhibitions incorrectly, they can be disastrous. At large venues like the NEC, renting space is expensive; on top of that, you have to purchase the stand and other necessary items and drive everyone there and back.

Smaller events are typically less expensive, however trade shows can range in price from £3000 to $10,000 depending on a number of criteria.

Some firms consider trade exhibitions to be a waste of time and resources since they spend this much money without receiving a beneficial return. The reason for their non profit was that they weren’t done properly.

. . .

There are numerous ways to generate a solid return on investment from a trade fair, including:

Only purchase the area you actually need; if you purchase more space than you actually require, you risk wasting money and reducing your profits.

Get a captivating exhibition stand; a well-presented area lends credibility. You can have a small space and still draw attention if your display is attractive.



Organization is essential. While it can be tempting to hand out literature and marketing materials carelessly, keeping it in the back of your space encourages sales representatives to initiate conversation first, which is more likely to result in a lead or a sale.

Use technology when it’s appropriate, but keep in mind that a trade show’s main goal is to generate business through face-to-face marketing. Don’t let technology take away from the event’s human element.

Choose the right team; there is no point in going to an event if the crew is the wrong fit. You would profit most from having employees who are able to comprehend and empathize with consumer problems while also knowing when to complete sales.

Inform people that you will be exhibiting because a trade show could fail if there is no excitement surrounding your presence. Utilize marketing strategies to raise anticipation for the event and pique interest among attendees.



What Causes Businesses to Lose Money at Trade Shows?

If you don’t exhibit at trade exhibitions at the proper time or in the proper manner, they may be ineffective or even harmful.

You’re at capacity: if you can’t accept more clients, all you’re doing is losing money while stroking your ego.

You don’t want to expand: going to a trade exhibition serves no use if you don’t want to expand your company.

If you worry that your team won’t be able to complete transactions, you don’t have the correct personnel. As a result, you’ll go home empty-handed.

You lack executive support: which is necessary because your efforts would be ineffective without full support.

You make the wrong choice: If you work in a specialized field but choose a popular performance, you’ll wind up getting lost in the crowd.



How to Choose a Suitable Trade Fair?

It is impossible to spend a considerable sum of money attending a trade show if you do not stand a reasonable prospect of seeing a significant return on your investment. To choose the trade show that is best for your organization, follow these steps:

. . .

Obtain the data – Ask the organizer for specific details and data regarding previous events. This will offer you a good understanding of the number of visitors, the companies that had previously participated, and whether a pattern indicating success can be seen or not.

Target audience identification – This is important since it will help you plan effectively. The trade show in which you participate must have a large audience interested in your goods and services and strong visibility.


Scout possible events – Scout potential trade exhibits to obtain a sense of them and assess the caliber of attendance.

Weigh the worth of exhibiting – Choosing the right trade show is crucial, but so is deciding whether or not it will be able to add the right kind of value to your company. 

An essential question that has to be answered beforehand is whether you will be able to manage the additional costs that are a necessary component of such a fair without experiencing any unreasonable difficulties.



What are the Requirements for a Trade Fair?

Being underprepared is the very last thing you want to do. Before you arrive at your event, cross the following off your list:

The first thing you need is event space; otherwise, you’ll be in for a rude awakening when you arrive and have nowhere to pitch your tent.

Choose the best firm and the proper stand since they will draw customers to your display. Stand with accompanying collateral.

Train, bus, airplane, or car travel schedules? Having solid preparations in place before your departure would be beneficial; arranging transportation the week before will be disastrous.

Accommodations — if you intend to remain the night, which you may wish to do because events typically go all day. A treat for the crew is also appropriate after a long day.

Get all the marketing assets you require, making sure to get plenty of brochures, flyers, and business cards. Don’t run out of something.

Personnel: If you have a small team, consult with your staff well in advance of planning the event, preferably before booking it. If they are forced to work the event and postpone their vacations, it may be an unpleasant experience.



Names of Top Trade Fairs Worldwide 


13 April 2025 – 13 October 2025

Osaka – Japan

  1. CPHI Worldwide Frankfurt – International fair of the pharmaceutical industry

24 – 26 October 2023

Barcelona – Spain


Top Trade Fairs in Europe


  1. International Trade Fair for Furniture and Interior Design

09 – 12 May 2023

Cologne – Germany

  1. Startup en Montreal                    

Data to be confirmed 2023

Montréal – Canada

  1. Agrishow 2022 – International Trade fair of agricultural Technology in Action

01 – 05 May 2023 

Ribeirão Preto – Brazil

  1. Heimtextil – Exhibition Trade show

10 – 13 January 2023 

Frankfurt –  Germany


  1. FITUR – International Tourism Fair

18 – 22 january 2023

Madrid  – Spain

  1. International Exhibition of Digital World

10 – 11 may 2023

Casablanca  – Marocco

  1. International Fruit and Vegetable fair

03 – 05 October 2023

Madrid – Spain

  1. International Home Textiles fair

Date: to be confirmed  2023 

Istanbul – Turkey


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Taking part in a trade show may have benefits, but if your company does not plan beforehand or conduct thorough research, you risk losing a lot of money.

With a thorough understanding of the import-export business, particularly trade shows, VIEC was able to assist Orgalife – Nutrition Science Co., Ltd in their successful participation at the CPHI trade show in Frankfurt, November 2022.

Following their attendance at CPHI, Orgalife has expanded their partnership, increased orders, customers, and brand recognition.

Get support from VIEC if you wish to succeed like Orgalife or if you need more advice.

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