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Eljo Suikerwerken is a confectionery manufacturer, which has been established since 1895 by Elisabeth and Johannes de Hoop (Eljo). Over the years, from the small business in the kitchen in Rotterdam, Eljo Suikerwerken has developed to an innovative and modern company in the confectionery industry. 

Besides the artisanal fondant articles, Eljo Suikerwerken also produces chocolate, drop (a unique Dutch candy), and productions made from pectin, which is suitable for kosher, halal, and vegan. 

Due to the fast growth of the confectionary industry in Vietnam, Eljo Suikerwerken and VIEC have decided to cooperate and introduce their products to the Vietnamese market under the name Sweet Amsterdam. 

The representative of delight – Sweet Amsterdam

Considered as one of the best presents for everybody, these Dutch sweeties include high-quality and organic ingredients to meet the European standards, and above all is the fantastic taste.

Hence, Sweet Amsterdam has an unforgettable taste which is final soft, tender, fruity, plentifully flavor, and comfortably sweet.

It contains 100% NATURAL fresh fruits, pectin extracted from plants, and Agar Agar extracted from red seaweed.

This red seaweed Agar-Agar added to Eljo’s candies has enormous health benefits for users such as:

  • An improvement for physical and mental health (strengthen bones, prevent Alzheimer’s disease and the brain degeneration)
  • A supporter in diet programs (assists lose weight – contain less calories, fat & carbohydrates; helps digestion; and detox).

Thus, these attractive sweeties have been familiar with Japanese weight-watchers following the Kanten diet.

With the Sweet Amsterdam candy, people can use it to have a perfect match for any tea time and a meaningful and surprising present which impresses the recipient by its elegant look.

Such tasty and eye-catching candies as Sweet Amsterdam could not have been made without skillful craftsmen.

Taking a Glance at The Vietnamese Confectionery Market

Revealing the potential through a carefully expected revenue of $7.81 billion in 2022, Vietnam’s confectionery industry grabs oversea businesses’ attention to itself. The market witnesses a significant growth rate of 15% per year. 

Recently, a Vietnamese’s confectionery consumption was 10.5 kg on average. A prediction of 11 kg-average-consumption per capita is going to be a reality in 2022. 

Furthermore, the total revenue of imported confectionery reached $360.6 million (2019). This makes Vietnam turn into a sweet-lover market for any foreign brands, who are looking for a new market to expand. 

And the reason behind these numbers is the large number of Vietnamese young population (25-34 years old), which contribute to 31.8% of the confectionery consumption in Vietnam..

Following the joyful previous findings, sugar confectionery has been the segment gaining a massive reputation for Vietnamese buyers (618.3 million kg of volume in 2021), which is a potential market for the Sweet Amsterdam product.

Obstacles Eljo Suikerwerken Company Faced at The First Stage

Regardless of creating products that adapt to Vietnamese customers, this superb item of Eljo still underwent several challenges coming from available competitors in the market.

Long-term and active confectionery firms in Vietnam namely Kinh Do (19%), Huu Nghi (5%), Bibica (4%), and Hai Ha (3%) are main domestic players in the market.  

Additionally, Eljo also has to face overseas players in Vietnam’s playground including brands originated from Western countries, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, and South Korea. 

Notable foreign brands are Orion, Liwayway, Meiji, Nestle, and Perfetti Van Melle (Alpenlibe, Chupa Chups), etc.

Challenges Accepted However…

Regardless of challenges above, with the support of VIEC (Vietnam Import Export Consultant), Eljo still found the way to get through it. 

As a medium confectionery manufacturer from Europe, instead of finding the way to compete directly with big brands in the market, VIEC actively helped Eljo to find a niche market in Vietnam, according to the advantages of Sweet Amsterdam. 

This can be done via the exclusive network of VIEC, which allows Sweet Amsterdam presents in many sale channels to identify which customer segmentation interest in the Sweet Amsterdam most.

Besides helping Eljo’s product (Sweet Amsterdam) present in different sale channels, VIEC also helps Eljo sales & marketing team receive customer feedback quickly for further business development. 

And taking all of the customer support services tasks in Vietnam such as: shipping products, changing damaged goods, and so on.  

Sugary Products, Sweet Results !

Thanks to the collaboration between VIEC and Eljo Suikerwerken, after a few months Eljo Suikerwerken has created its footprint in the Vietnamese market.

And with the healthy and rich flavor products, the main customer segments for Sweet Amsterdam are high income class in Vietnam, who reveal enthusiasm with premium and health-related benefit products. 

This segment discovery is our result after a detailed testing process through several months, from there our VIEC started to scale up the process to sell more Sweet Amsterdam. 

In the end of this project, VIEC not only helps Eljo export Sweet Amsterdam to Vietnamese market successfully.

But also creating a chance to connect Elijo to one of the big Vietnamese importers, and produces private label products for them. 

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