Import Export Advisory Services
Vietnam - Netherlands

Planning to Import/ Export products to Vietnam or Netherlands,
but don’t know where to start?

No matter if your international business exports/imports products for the first time or multiple times, there are definitely loads of work to take into account before you jump into the international markets, such as: handling a bundle of regulations, trade compliance, and industrial requirements in overseas countries. Furthermore, you need to understand the international markets and their business culture, while your businesses just have limited resources and no extended contact. That’s why it is important to have import export advisory services to give your organisation a step by step guidance to enter the import and export process.

What is the Import and Export Advisor?

An import/export advisor will give your company guidance to go through whole supply chains in international trade. The expert will support and advise your business to get a good preparation for international trade; this is including trade compliance, customs clearance, and other export and import process requirement before companies expand their businesses to foreign markets.

Why should your company get expert support in the first place?

Working with an experienced expert might seems costly in beginning, but at the end of the day, it is actually a good choice to save both time and money for your business. Because you will get expert advice and step-by-step guidance to avoid paying a large bill for your inexperienced mistakes and going through a lot of challenges and unexpected issues in international trade. These problems can come from the regulations, trade compliance, a specific requirement for each industry, and so forth. 

Additionally, with the expertise in exporting and importing, the expert can help you react quickly to the changes in the Vietnamese or Dutch market, which can be difficult, not to say impossible when your business has no close contact with the clients in the local market. Ultimately, an advisor enables you to work with the right logistics company to ensure smooth supply chains. So that your business will cut down the cost, and improve profitability.

How can VIEC help you out?

With over 10 years of experience and successful supporting multiple businesses, we are proud to say that we‘ve gained a broad knowledge of both Vietnamese and Dutch markets to give advice and guide your company go through the whole supply chain in Vietnam and the Netherlands. We have a strong business network, knowledge and expertise in various industries such as FMCG,  garments, agriculture, handicrafts, and even furniture. Hence, we are now ready to offer you the best solutions for your every need.

Our advisory services including

Uncover valuable insights about the market trends, consumer behaviour, and competitor information in both the Vietnamese and Dutch markets.

Supporting your business to enter the new market successfully, while avoiding unnecessary costs and connect your business with reliable importers and exporters for further success. 

Both Vietnam and the Netherlands have their own local e-commerce platforms instead of Amazon. Hence, our services can also develop your overseas presence via launching e-commerce stores and growing your own customer base via widely used online platforms in Vietnam and the Netherlands.

No matter whether you want to import or export products, you will need professional support through all trade compliance, custom and procedures involved in the import and export process

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