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Are you struggling to seek reliable Vietnamese suppliers?

Importing and sourcing in Vietnam would be a smart move for your business to get a competitive price. However, it still could be a nightmare if you do not understand the regulation and business culture in the Vietnamese market. As a result, you end up wasting your time and resources, and in the worst case, running into shady suppliers with all sorts of tempting offers, while you do indeed have little control over the quality of products.

Vietnam sourcing services at VIEC

VIEC is confident to become your sourcing agency focused on the Vietnamese market. As we have a deep understanding of each business culture of both Vietnamese and Dutch and speaking fluently both local languages – thanks to our origins in Vietnam and more than 11 years of doing business in the Netherlands.

Hence, our sourcing agent can provide high-quality solutions to keep the import and product sourcing in Vietnam process running smoothly with competitive prices and save money for your trade and business houses. Our sourcing company has successfully handled countless product sourcing projects from Vietnam to the Netherlands over the past decade. And built up broad Vietnamese contact extend in various industries.

With our sourcing company, you can import and sourcing in Vietnam a wide product range such as essential oils, handicraft products, bamboo products, raw materials, etc. As a premium Vietnam sourcing agent commits ourselves to only connecting your business to the great supplier in Vietnam as well as an assortment of supply chain management services to the logistics process easier for your trade and business houses.

To find the right factories for your business, this is what our sourcing agency will do for you


1) Planning & Finding suppliers

You can't manage what you don’t understand. That's why our sourcing company will find, discuss, and start to plan and make sure you have everything to start your project, before making our final selection with you in an effortless process so that there are no surprises or hidden costs involved at any point during the sourcing process.

2) Sending samples

In order to ensure the highest quality of our products, we start a sampling procedure at this supplier until you are satisfied with what they have provided. Only then will proceed in sourcing in Vietnam for your final product.


3) Quality control

To provide high-quality solutions, we will send experts to visit the factory to double-check everything from equipment used for production all the way down to quality inspection. Once these confirmations have been completed, we will sit down to negotiate terms finalizing details ahead on making quality products with competitive prices.

4) Shipping your products

Before importing products from Vietnam, it is important that you work with a sourcing agent, that can offer guidance and advice throughout each step of the process. Our Vietnam sourcing agent will help you to import products smoothly by providing quotes from forwarders to guarantee an efficient delivery time and reduce goods damage.

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Obstacles when importing and sourcing in Vietnam

Given its “golden” population of over 97 million people, Vietnam, nowadays, is growing towards a global manufacturing hub with competitive labor costs, and raw materials, central location in the heart of Southeast Asia. Plus, the EVFTA mutually lifts 99% of the tariffs within years, Vietnam presents itself as a much more lucrative land than ever for many European enterprises. 

However, there exists a big gap between Western companies and Vietnamese manufacturers due to the differences in many aspects from languages to working styles. Here are some facts about Vietnamese business culture that you need to know before working with potential suppliers:

  • Indirect communication styles: This causes confusion in many cases. In Vietnam, people tend to communicate indirectly. In some cases, your counterparts say “Yes” does not necessarily mean they agree, but simply is “I heard it”.
  • Face saving: The “face” speaks for the prestige of both individuals and organizations, thus causing your partners to lose face – whether intended or not – can kill your deal.
  • Silence: Silence means your partners are considering something. Interrupting this period of reflection can be considered rude while waiting in vain will not work out, either.
  • Complexities in working with authority: Lastly, working with authority sometimes can be confusing for Dutch companies. Many companies tend to end up wasting their time and money when working with the authority, so it’s better to have an experienced sourcing company take care of your business houses.

  • Hence, it is a real uphill struggle to find reliable Vietnamese suppliers or Vietnam manufacturing via online platform, because you can neither perform quality control nor understand your business partner.

True story base on our sourcing experience in Vietnam

There was a client from an European company, before they met us, they ordered a container of pottery with holes from Vietnam, but what they receive was the ones without holes. The reason turned out to be the miscommunication between the company and Vietnamese manufacturers, that’s they do not understand why the pot needs the holes. And more important is the lack of production monitoring before the shipping process. 

That all explains why you need to have a Vietnam sourcing company to help you overcome all those barriers, and find suitable manufacturers to produce your product at a competitive price.

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