Key Vietnam Trade Fairs & Research Techniques

Key-vietnam-trade-fairs- &-research-rechniques

Vietnam, with its rapid economic growth and unique appeal, has become a promising market for international businesses, particularly for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Netherlands and Europe. Participating in trade fairs in this country can be a good opportunity to promote exports and expand business networks. Below is a list of some key […]

3 misunderstanding about direct export small & mid-sized businesses have


Small and medium-sized firms frequently have three common misunderstandings regarding direct export. Let’s clarify these misconceptions to help businesses of all sizes grasp the advantages and possibilities that direct export may provide.   Misconception 1: Only large companies should engage in direct export. Many people think that direct export is only appropriate for big businesses […]

Importing Tractors from Vietnam to the Netherlands – VIEC’s Remarkable Achievement


In July 2022, VIEC encountered a unique request: to import valuable used tractors from Vietnam to the Netherlands. The transportation would involve moving the machinery from Dong Nai port in Vietnam to a passionate collector in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Our customer, an avid antique collector, expressed a deep desire to add this tractor to their […]

What is Direct import?


In today’s interconnected world, the ease of importing goods and services from other countries has become a crucial factor in the success of many businesses. Direct import is one such method that has gained popularity among businesses of all sizes, providing a hassle-free way to import products directly from the source. In this blog post, […]

What is Direct export?


In the previous blog, we did share what differences are there between direct export and traditional export. To clarify its benefits and challenges, today, VIEC would support you on that. Furthermore, a case study and some tips for companies looking to enter the global market would also be provided.   Definition of Direct export Direct export […]

Ways Dutch products meet Vietnamese needs


Introduction The Dutch-Vietnamese trade relationship has a rich history that goes back centuries. In recent years, this relationship has grown even stronger, with the Netherlands being one of Europe’s largest trading partners for Vietnam. After 10 months beginning of 2022, the total trade volume between the two countries reached 9.2 billion USD, with Dutch exports […]

How To Export Confectionary To Vietnam – Eljo Suikerwerken

CPHI is a significant trade fair in the pharmaceuticals for health sector on a global scale. 

Being presented at the CPHI show is a quick and efficient way to market your company, launch goods, and provide a variety of networking possibilities with related partners. 

VIEC and Orgalife worked together on this occasion. How effective was the outcome, then? Read the article below to learn more about us!

8 Things you Should Know about Trade Fair – Bettering your Company’s Profits


For generations, trade fair has been a vital sales and marketing tool. They give companies the chance to present their products, share information, and discuss market trends in a specially designed setting.

A trade show can be perfect for you if you’re seeking unique marketing strategies that don’t depend on technology or mass appeal.