Crème de la Cream Powdered Milk

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Crème de la Cream Powdered Milk

About the company, Crème de la Cream Company B.V. is a medium-sized family business.

Founded in 1946, they have been developing and producing a wide range of milk products, including milk powder skimmed, milk powder full cream, goat milk powder, etc.

They possess the globally recognized BRCGS “AA”, IFS, COKZ (dairy), and Skal (biological) certificates to ensure the highest quality and food safety standards.

Following the success, the brand want to expand to Vietnam – one of the most potential market for formula milk in Asia.

Overview Of Vietnam Market

During the past few years, Vietnam has emerged as one of Asia’s great success stories, with a consumption market soon expected to reach 100 million people.

The middle-class group is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 9.2 percent by 2023 and rise to over half of the Vietnamese population by 2035.

Additionally, the increase in disposable income and the number of working mothers with busier lifestyles also drive more demand for convenient baby formula milk. (Source: McKinsey).

Above all, the recently ratified EVFTA, taking effect in 2021, will see Vietnam eliminate 100% duties on formula imports from the EU within a maximum of seven years. 

This way, European companies can grasp the opportunity to easily set a footprint in Vietnam.

But before unlocking these huge potentials, Crème de la Cream has to face many tough problems.

Our customer challenges

Crème de la Cream aimed to expand into the Asian market, with Vietnam being their target destination in the entry strategy.

Vietnam was lucrative but highly competitive, with numerous competitors already in the market, and more were looking to enter.

Furthermore, access to end consumers would remain an important barrier as Crème de la Cream couldn’t control potential risks nor understand their foreign partners.

The differences in many aspects, from languages to business cultures, represented a challenge that was too tough for a new player to overcome.

As a result,  the company could not communicate effectively with its customers to showcase what its brand was good at.

In addition, as an outsider, Crème de la Cream was unclear about how Vietnamese customers reacted to their products, as for packaging, flavors, and pricing.

And they also wanted to test whether the market was ready or not, examining the demand, trends, and competitors, just to name a few.

So, how could VIEC support our partner in clearing all these problems?

Thomas T

CEO – Cremé de la Cream Nederland

Vietnamese market is always our targeted market in alliance with China. Having met Niel Nhu Nguyen from VIEC, I’ve got to know more about this market and meet the huge opportunity to exploit this market. Working with VIEC is always our pleasure. A young professional and friendly company with “CAN DO” mentality.

Our Approach

We began by identifying Crème de la Cream’s selling points.

Regarding their appearance, Crème de la Cream’s milk had an inner round rim to avoid scratches when taking the milk powder.

About packaging, they offered two options for their products: 375g – small can, ideal for carrying around, and 1 kg the whole-kilo size for higher consumption rate or economic purchase.

When it came to quality, their milk powder possessed some attributes that were unique to the brand

They had the sweetness yet with pure and fluffy scent, pleasant, delicious flavors, and an exciting range from vanilla, banana, to strawberry.

On top of that, Crème de la Cream milk powder can be dissolved in either hot or cold water.

This was exactly what busy parents in Vietnam or those who wanted to let their children make milk themselves were seeking.

Additionally, Crème de la Cream enriched its dairy products with magnesium supplements, a big plus compared to other brands.

Also, for anyone who couldn’t digest lactose, Crème de la Cream milk powder, lactose eliminated, was an easy alternative that could help get rid of much digestive distress with symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

That’s how we had a complete picture of what to sell.

Then we came to figure out how to sell them.

Testing the market via our marketing channel and connection

We introduced our potential customers to Crème de la Cream milk powder via many channels, with a focus on e-commerce platforms.

This way, the manufacturing company can get quick and practical feedback from whom they’d like to serve.

All those solutions led to….

The result

Starting with just a small budget, Cream de la Cream succeeded in receiving the information worth the effort from Vietnamese customers and thus drew deep insights to take action for further expansion.

Moreover, Cream de la Cream could make many questions about how to penetrate the Vietnamese clear, with the first step being able to identify and implement a product mix that meets the needs of their potential customers.

In fact, out of four types of milk powder under consideration, we ended up with only one that is widely accepted by customers.

After just setting foot in Vietnam with a new product, Crème de la Cream obviously aimed to keep a strong brand positioning in Vietnam and other Asian countries.

We then proceeded to the next goals and now, the project is still getting ahead after 3 years of working with VIEC’s services.

BEYOND THE STORY OF Crème de la Cream Milk Powder, IT’S YOUR TURN NOW

“If you don’t dare to try, you are already losing the battle. When you dare to try, you are at least halfway to success”

At VIEC, we help our partners make decisions with confidence from a thorough understanding of the destined market, along with all the procedures involved. With more than 10 years of experience in international trade, we have handled more than 20 successful projects in many industries and built up a reliable network in Vietnam and the Netherlands.

Want to be the next chapter in our journey? 

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